Heartspace, a Review

In 1919, when my grandmother went into labor with her first child, the doctor put down his bag and asked her to remove her panties. Horrified, she crossed her legs, pulled up her night shirt, and pointed to her protruding naval. “What do you want with my panties? The baby is coming out here,” she […]

Tunnel Vision, Cookies, and Snitch Pads

My chosen theme for self-improvement this year is “Focus”. Like a photographer narrowing their depth of field, I’m going to highlight three important things: writing, friendship, and cookies.

I got a taste of tunnel vision in the last quarter of 2017. Up against a self-imposed Christmas deadline, I was able to ignore distractions and finish […]

Post Publication Depression

“It’s probably just winter”, I think, slogging through sleet and slush from the car to our back door. I’m suffering from malaise, and looking for something to blame. Lately, I find myself just going through the motions. I don’t feel like starting anything, and I really don’t want to finish anything, either. My brother Michael […]

Author’s Interview!

My first Author’s Interview! Thank you Michele!

Michele has done a lot for the local writing community and Not only do Michele and I both love to write and blog, but we share the same birthday. Check it out:   Friendship and Travel for Two “Brauds” Abroad: Author Interview with Camille Armantrout


Free Kindle Version of Two Brauds Abroad

For a limited time, you can upload the free kindle version of the new book, Two Brauds Abroad – A Departure from Life as We Know It by Camille Armantrout and Stephanie De La Garza.

Available through Thursday at midnight Pacific Standard Time via Kindle USA or Kindle UK.

Two Brauds Abroad is a travel […]

Timely Reading


“A Geography of Time – the temporal misadventures of a social psychologist” was timely reading as I attempt to reconcile the differences between Ghana time and my own westernized tempo. It occurs to me that culture shock is mostly about adjusting our pace to that of our new surroundings. Or at least to understanding […]


William R. Forstchen, professor of military history at Montreat College in North Carolina wrote a disturbing doomsday novel about John, retired military and military history professor at Montreat College struggling to defend his family from the apocalyptic aftermath of an EMP event. One Second After opened my eyes in ways I am not sure the […]