Wyoming Soap

On your way to John’s Italian Pizza, your heart begins skipping around in your chest. You try not to panic. You know it is not right to blame the jelly beans, but you keep returning to them as the culprit. You hope you can make it to the finish line. If your luck holds out, […]

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

My friend Linda of Cook for Good fame drove down from Raleigh last week to give me some 150-year-old sourdough starter. Linda is a food activist, cooking instructor, author, and a cherished friend, so this wasn’t going to be any old starter; this is going to be “The One.” I fed my new starter three […]

The Menu

“What’s a menu?” someone playfully asked after I mentioned our potato-heavy menu. Oh! I thought to myself, It is so, so many things – shopping list, anticipation catalyst, and money-saver. It’s our road map to an inexpensive local food diet. Nothing ever goes to waste,” I like to say prompting Bob to quip, “Only to […]

50 Million Casualties – Bird Flu Comes a Calling

As if we needed one more reason to boycott factory-farmed animal products, here comes another horror story. It all started earlier this year when the Department of Agriculture began issuing warnings to the poultry industry. H5N2 was knocking wild birds out of the sky, birds sick with highly pathogenic avian influenza. Within a few […]

Five-pound Spread

Damned squirrel on the bird feeder,” I thought as I got up to raid the refrigerator, “Always looking for easy calories.” Oopsy! Just like me.

You wouldn’t know it to look at me, but I struggle with my weight. I’m a compulsive nibbler, a secret snacker; convinced that cold leftovers eaten over the sink have […]

Squid Twinkies

News of the Boston Marathon blasts reached me after dinner Ghana time and the story hit me in the gut, making me queasy and unsettled. The bombs were placed at the finish line and timed to detonate as a majority of televised runners celebrated the finish of the race. It was hard to digest, making […]


We picked Halloween as an exit date and left Denton, Texas this morning for North Carolina, via Houston, New Orleans, Florida and Georgia. We figured this would be a good way to avoid the uncomfortable ritual of handing out candy to children we didn’t know.

On our way to the fantastically cozy (I mean they […]


Texans, like people all over the world, love their fried chicken. You can hardly drive a block down the main drag without seeing a friendly red and yellow sign. In addition to Chick-Fil-A and Kentucky Fried Chicken, we have Popeye’s Chicken & Biscuits, Chicken Express, Babe’s Chicken, Church’s Chicken, and Golden Chick.

And then […]


People in Slow Food understand that food is an environmental issue. – Michael Pollan

Two months ago, Bob started a container garden at work. We started harvesting basil and cilantro right away. Today we brought home a grocery bag full of chard and arugula. Tuesday, we’re going to fill another bag with lettuce […]