Wyoming Soap

On your way to John’s Italian Pizza, your heart begins skipping around in your chest. You try not to panic. You know it is not right to blame the jelly beans, but you keep returning to them as the culprit. You hope you can make it to the finish line. If your luck holds out, […]

In a Pickle

Emergency Room #10 Central Carolina Hospital

Seven miles out I congratulated myself for keeping cool and making good time. My hastily scribbled Google Map notes said the hospital exit in Sanford was 12.7 miles south on Hwy 1. Which is where the ambulance was headed with Bob. The odometer said I was getting […]

The Five Thousand Dollar Question

I’ve lived with Bob long enough to value the importance of good questions. They can make or break any deal, they steer conversations off-course or into fertile waters. Yet, as long as I’ve watched Bob hit the target with artfully-posed questions, the right questions do not naturally compose themselves in my brain.

As the […]

Autopsy of an Epidemic

Heroin, disguised as pain pills.

Our generation doesn’t think to send their kids off to college with, “And stay away from heroin, it’s a killer!” But we need to because heroin is ubiquitous, cheap, easy, and deadly.

Last month I was blindsided by Zafer’s death. After recovering my balance, I started reading. I […]

50 Million Casualties – Bird Flu Comes a Calling

As if we needed one more reason to boycott factory-farmed animal products, here comes another horror story. It all started earlier this year when the Department of Agriculture began issuing warnings to the poultry industry. H5N2 was knocking wild birds out of the sky, birds sick with highly pathogenic avian influenza. Within a few […]

Screen Test

As part of Self-Care month and inspired by Gretchen Rubin’s “Better than Before.” I decided to tackle the habit of staring at my laptop screen for hours at a time.

The first step was to get a feel for how many minutes, hours actually, I am tapped into my browser. This was easily done by […]

Mastering Underachievement

“Sigh…” I thought as I surveyed half a dozen used coffee cups at Betty’s Diner on a winter morning in 1976. As the dishwasher, it wasn’t my job to clean the tables, but the waitresses were hunched over their coffee and cigarettes at the counter, and it was only a matter of time before another […]

My Obamacare Moment

A few years ago I went looking for a doctor to give me a tetanus shot. What should have been easily achievable turned into a difficult task because I did not have health insurance.

The first clinic outright refused me because I had no insurance. I called the health clinic a few miles down the […]

Home Call

It was a close call. And an eye-opener. Daniel nearly died of heat stroke. He had walked the few dusty blocks to the main road in the heat of the day and returned in a taxi to collapse just inside our front gate. Fortunately, Bob was sitting at his desk with a view of the […]


I spent part of my morning comparing health insurance plans. Despite the fact that I’m not really interested in getting health insurance. I haven’t had health insurance for six years, nor have I felt any desire to get it. With the exception of an occasional cold, some muscle strains, chigger bites and wasp stings, I […]