The Test of Time – 25 Years

I can still recall the vision, Bob’s dream of 25 years ago. It was golden hour, and we were loping side by side across a field of grass so tall that the bottom of our stirrups brushed against the seed heads. A gentle New Zealand breeze kissed the prairie, sculpting a sea of undulating waves. […]

The Middle of the Horse

You might not notice to look at me that I’ve got a lot going on. Or then again, you might. You might catch me losing my balance. Or I may seem less compassionate, somewhat detached, distracted, and a little less patient.

And for good reason. My Mom and Dad are at a cross roads in […]

Dear Santa

Dear Santa

I’d like a pony this year, and world peace for Bob, please. Again, I know. It seems silly to ask for the same things every year, but old habits are hard to break.

Both Bob and I were very well behaved this year. We didn’t fight much, we kept the house clean, and […]

Jesse and the Widowmaker

Widowmaker [wid·ow-mak·er] noun – A dead branch caught precariously high in a tree which may fall on a person below. Oxford Dictionary.

Jesse was my golden boy until he became Bob’s golden boy and later Julie’s. Never mind that he was a bay. Bob and I had him for ten years and now Julie has […]

Lucky Break

The universe whispered in my ear the other day while my head was buzzing from pain. “Don’t be so heavy handed” she hissed, with her hand on her hip. “And while you’re at it, maybe you ought to think about slowing down.”

It was one of those beautiful winter days, uncharacteristically warm but with enough […]

Albino Bambi – Talisman for a novice sub-optimizer

I turned fifty seven on June 4th and my birthday wish was this: to work less and play more. I promised myself I’d continue my transformation from human doing to human being by reducing my To Do list and taking more time for the things I enjoy. In short, I vowed to become a sub-optimizer. […]


Boy, did I had the adrenalin rushing this morning when I happened onto a nest of ground wasps! Peg and I had gone riding on her two horses, Simon and Haley and were on either side of a pine tree, clearing a trail. Our goal was to meet in the middle to make an alternative […]

MACK ATTACK or If I don’t sit down, I’m going to fall down

I rode Mackey, a six-year-old Appaloosa a few days ago and did pretty well considering how green he is. He is usually is very tense when I ride him away from the other horses by himself, but Chris came along on Mr. T and that helped a lot. Nevertheless, I was on pins and needles […]


“If you walk into a room full of other kids,” I asked my young friend, Katelyn, “How do you decide which ones to go hang out with? “I’d look for the nice kids,” she replied. But how would you know, I mused. It’s not like people wear badges that say, I’m nice, or I’m cool, […]


Galloping with Cream Baby on Guam

“No laughing, coughing, sneezing or breathing until the pain subsides” was the recommendation my IP (Imaginary Physician) gave me after hearing the details of my symptoms. Without X-rays it would be impossible to tell if I had bruised, cracked or broken a rib, but the bottom line […]