Two Days in September

On September 11, I logged into Facebook and found myself scrolling past a minefield of 9/11-themed posts. I bristled each time I saw “never forget,” that war cry without an exit plan. I hated that this national tragedy had come to be an excuse for revenge, and was frightened by how nationalism […]

The Almighty We – Proximity

I learned something about community from the dogs in Nicaragua. Thirteen years ago, Bob and I found ourselves managing a vacation lodge on a 3200-acre Caribbean island without police or doctors. We lived in small house inside a large chain link compound. Six dogs served as security guards.

The first time one of the dogs […]

Exit Interview

On our way out of Nicaragua, I took the opportunity to interview myself. Here are the results:

I: How does it feel to be leaving Nicaragua after living and working on a remote island community for 7 months?

MYSELF: I have an odd mixture of feelings at this moment, as I sit in the Managua […]


For a number of reasons, Bob and I are no longer managing Casa Iguana on Little Corn Island. Most notable of those reasons was being on call 24-hours a day with little or no uninterrupted time. A secondary factor was our inability to adapt ourselves to the role of hospitality hosts. And then there […]


I was walking the dog home from the front side when we encountered a young brahma bull. Kimo was pretty sure she didn’t want to mess with an animal this big but the bull was curious. About the time the cream colored animal broke into a trot, I was forced into a decision. Hang onto […]


It amazes me how quickly the weather can change from hot and still to blustery and then back to tranquilo. A week ago Sunday, the seas were so high that no pangas went out. Everyone who was here stayed here and no new people arrived.

Trouble came to the island along with the storm and […]


The word for ant in Spanish is Hormiga (oar MEE gah.) We’ve seen quite a few Iguanas during our past 4 months at Casa Iguana but those sightings are way outnumbered by our daily ant sightings. So many that we have nicknamed Casa Iguana, Casa Hormiga.

We are routinely mesmerized by the tiny crazy ants, […]


One of the things we like about Little Corn Island is the fact that we don’t have many institutions here. We don’t have a hospital, a bank, elected officials, or a police force. When a decision needs to be made, the business owners get together and make it.

We have a school, a doctor, and […]


We’ve been wondering about this for years: “Where does all the hotel art come from?”

It must come from wholesale art clearinghouses, which specialize in non-specific, un-obtrusive and inexpensive art. And what about the artists? When an artist creates something worthy of reproduction in the hundreds, it must be like a recording artist getting an […]


Today’s shopping foray in the big city of Managua involved a trip to the FarMart with hopes of purchasing a pair of hair clippers.

We began our journey by asking the women at the front desk where to find the store. All three took a stab at conveying, in the correct blend of Spanish and […]