What the World Needs Now

Two couples hover over us, shifting their feet, blinking at the waitress, the women clutching their purses. Our waitress again sweeps her hand in an “L” across the table. Ten minutes earlier, we had been in their shoes, having walked in with our friends, Scotty and Diane. We, too had stood, questioning the waitress, looking […]

Here it Comes

Hillsborough Klan Rally – August 24, 2019

I’m sipping coffee on the back porch, listening to the crickets and the frogs. Their pitch is slurred, slowed by a drop in temperature and punctuated with crow calls. Our crepe myrtles shed golden droplets, like lazy shooting stars, always just outside my field of vision. […]

Kill Chicken, Start World War III

“Kill chicken, show monkey,” the Chinese doorman at the Tianjin Hyatt shrugged in reference to a geopolitical news story. This was in 1998 when Bob and I were working in northern China, living in a hotel, absorbing all the nuances of the Far East. I pictured emboldened macaques terrorizing a barnyard flock, the farmer stomping […]

June 4, 2024

I’ve been mired in dread since last Friday, so I thought it would benefit me to dream a little. Let’s fast forward to my seventieth birthday.

“Happy Birthday!” my friends cry gleefully as I manage to gather the corners of my lips into an “Oh” and extinguish the candles on my vegan death-by-chocolate layer cake.


Moving Ahead

It’s okay, I tell myself. This is real so deal with it. Surely you know how to handle unexpected upsets by now. Yeah, I usually deal by running away. Like a horse. I keep Cecilia’s words in my pocket, turning them like a stone. “I even do have land with olive trees in southern Italy…You […]

When Hate Trumped Love

I’m not often on the receiving end of condolences, but last night two expat friends surfaced to offer solace and a place to stay. They were every bit as horrified as Bob and I, watching the 2016 presidential election returns over our shoulders from Switzerland and Australia.

We watched in disbelief as the map turned […]

The Invisible Shoe – the elephant on the counter

Unbidden, my hand picked it off the cluttered thrift store shelf. It may have been the zebra stripes. Or the stiletto heel, tricked out with silver rhinestones.

I tried to put it back. This just wasn’t my type of thing. Plus, it was a whole two dollars. But when I turned it over and discovered […]

America’s Welfare Queens

In 1979 an actor turned president coined the phrase “Welfare Queen” in an attempt to promote tax reform. Ronald Regan’s ploy worked. Welfare reform began and was continued by successive administrations. Unfortunately the tax cuts went to the top, benefiting the upper class at the expense of the middle class. Never mind that the welfare […]

Kingdom of Serfs

I’ve been watching a lot of videos lately, mostly because I recently discovered the fun at Upworthy.com. All of which have gotten my philosophical juices flowing. This one in particular featuring Senator Bernie Sanders and Secretary of Labor Robert Reich fed a pet theory of mine which I’ll call the Kingdom of Serfs.

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My Obamacare Moment

A few years ago I went looking for a doctor to give me a tetanus shot. What should have been easily achievable turned into a difficult task because I did not have health insurance.

The first clinic outright refused me because I had no insurance. I called the health clinic a few miles down the […]