Prosperity Day – the view from right here

Our willow oak on Thanksgiving morning

It’s Thanksgiving, a holiday with many meanings here in the United States. Around the world, expats spend weeks sourcing ingredients for their traditional meal. For most Americans, this day remains an honored ritual of sitting down to eat with family. At some point we will pause to […]

Thankful for Time-worn Life Lessons

Happy Thanksgiving to our family, friends and any readers that happen upon Plastic Farm Animals!

First and foremost, Bob and I are thankful for Emily, Tyler and our first grandchild Nolan Trout who turns one week old today. Welcome to the planet little Nolan!

Second, I’m thankful for delicious Thanksgiving memories going all the way […]

Unexpected Dividends

Most folks who stay in one place long enough already know what Bob and I are just now finding out. If you build social capital with a particular group of people, at some point you can expect dividends.

Wikipedia describes a dividend as a payment made by a corporation to its shareholders, usually as a […]

Inspiration for a Workaholic

Hello. My name is Camille and I’m a workaholic…

Once again I face my lifelong nemesis, my inner over-achiever. I am determined to scale back my efforts before leaving Ghana lest I return to the States and throw myself headlong into my old life without taking time to consider my alternatives. Superwoman I do not […]

Shrinking our Footprint

I’ve been happily making the smaller ecological footprint of a vegetarian lifestyle for about ten years now and it was only a matter of time before I felt inspired to shrink that footprint further.

I’ve received many little nudges over the years, from Woody Harrelson’s 2003 movie, “Go Further” to recently released “Forks over Knives.” […]


I’m watching the Pacific surf roll onto the beach from the west windows of Scott and Rowena’s home at dawn. I have the whole day ahead of me and it promises to be another good one, full of laughter, food, stories and hikes along the beach.

The sea foam is tinted pink as […]