Cocoa Village


Lake Bosumtwi. Our election day evacuation escape took us to a new guest lodge right up the road from The Green Ranch on the other side of the village from Lake Point Guest House where we’ve stayed in previous visits to the lake. – December 6, 7 and 8, 2012 To find out more about what inspired this particular trip, please go to: Evacuation




We arrived well after dark and went right to our rooms. The next morning we took stock of our surroundings.




Bamboo fence and volleyball net. Phone (MTN) and internet reception (Vodaphone) were spotty to nil but we found that if we stood near the shed on the high side of the road we got three bars on our cell phones.




We booked the two rooms for the four of us. We chose the one that was set up to sleep four and our homies shared other which accommodated three.




We spent most of our time on the spacious dining deck off the kitchen, just a short walk from Jeremy and Justin’s room. The room we called home is barely visible to the left of the three-person room.




Richard attended to our every need while keeping the place nice and clean. Between meals, his job was to stand by in case we needed a bottle of water.




During the day dragon flies mined the sky and lake for edibles. In the evening, thousands of flying insects gathered beneath the light on the wall. We were, of course fascinated by them, a humming collage of winged insects. If we took a finger and wiped them off the wall, we were able to create white spaces between the vibrating bodies. If we stood close, our arms began to tingle with the vibration of their tiny wings.




There are about two dozen villages around Lake Bosumtwi. We walked through two on our way to lunch at Elodie’s Green Ranch. The polling stations were made of mud and wattle. The children both eager and shy to have their photo taken. The little guy in overalls said his name was Ben.




In September, this old Kapock (Ceiba) tree was chopped down to make room for power lines. Chris of Four Villages Inn wrote about the tragedy, here.



20121209PowerLineDamage  20120712BosumtwiGreenRanchRidingKapok

Elodie tirelessly campaigned against the destruction of this beautiful tree, meeting with public officials and suggesting that they move one set of power poles to avoid having to chop the tree. Her efforts were to no avail. The tree was cut down. Here is a picture of us astride two of Elodie’s horses with the tree in the background, taken in July.




Elodie’s neighbor and friend at the Foundation of Rastafari Unification Centre also protested the taking of the tree to no avail.  As Chris wrote, they “worked through the night until tree succumbed thundering down partially damaging Antwi’s modest house.”




The tree still lays three months after it was chopped.



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