MARCH 2015, ISSUE #166

March was here and gone, a flash of hard work and play. Before we knew it, the landscape had morphed from gray to green. Amy was in town with plans to build her own camper shell, lots of progress was made in the garden and we had fun at a tea party, at The Plant and on Trail Crawl.



20150301FrozenFeeder  20150301LettuceStarts

Icicles outside, lettuce starts inside. This is what the beginning of March looks like.



20150301SproutsDetail  20150317PotatoPlantingBob

The weather shaped up quickly, pushing us from sprouts on the counter out into the garden in under two weeks. More garden photos on this page: Garden Starts



20150308HighTeaTartPlate  20150319AmyPesto

Naturally, there is plenty of food fun in our lives. From Susan Harris’s High Tea Party to Amy’s chickweed pesto. For more food photos, go to: Fancy Tea Party and Other Food Fun



20150303BCorp  20150324GabiSourdough

By now our work lines are so blurred that it’s difficult to separate business from pleasure. Bob attends a B Corporation meeting in Saxapahaw, Camille joined Gabi to learn the secrets of her incredible sourdough bread at The Plant. See more work photos at: March at The Plant



20150307BlancheArborist  20150307CypressBlanche

Since we don’t have horses for skidding logs, we use Blanche, our 28-year-old Mercedes touring wagon. Bob needed to take down a leyland cypress and wanted to insure it didn’t crush a pawpaw seedling on its way down, so he hooked it up to Blanche. With Camille on the gas pedal and Bob on chainsaw, we eased the cypress over so that it fell beside, not on the paw paw.



20150307PawPawCypress  20150307BobPawPawLelandCypress

The paw paw was saved, losing only one limb when the massive tree tumbled to the ground inches away. Bob, tireless workhorse that he is, proceeded to limb up” the cypress and drag it off with Blanche.




The book that Bob and Lyle have been working on is now in print, making Bob a legitimate writer. What a thrill to have his very own book in his hands! Buy it in paperback or kindle from Amazon, here: Backyard Biodiesel



20150322BobAmyChopSaw  20150322AmyBobCamperShell2

Not many have the intestinal fortitude to build a custom tiny house without blueprints. In true do-it-yourself spirit, Bob and Amy designed and built a wooden camper shell for her pickup. It will feature a sleeping platform with storage below and windows above. Check out photos of this incredible project here: Building a Wooden Camper Shell



20150316Sunset   20150316SunsetTree

The sheer beauty of a magnificent sky sets one’s mind at ease and makes all things seem possible.



20150312DaffodilFishTrailMarker  20150322WeedFlowers

Little hints of life are popping up all over, from daffodils to forsythia and violet henbit.



20150329CrossingHelenJanice  20150329TrailCrawl15

An annual pleasure, not to be missed. Trail Crawl rolls Camille’s four favorite activities into one day; walking, talking, eating and drinking. See all the photos from the 15th Annual Trail Crawl at: Trail Crawl 2015



 20150312SpotShelley  20150329SpotHalley

There were plenty of newcomers to Trouts Farm this month, what with Trail Crawl and all. Spot happily welcomed them all.
On the left is Camille’s new walking buddy Shelly and on the right, Bob and Lyle’s helping hand at The Plant, Hallie.

20150329SpotDavid  20150329SpotMegan

David and Megan from Abeyance

20150329SpotNeil  20150329SpotMark

Neil and Mark, who was in town visiting Jason and Haruka.



“The peculiar thing about adulthood is that eventually you discover there is no such thing as adulthood. There are only best guesses and increasingly permanent results.” – John Fischer, in There is No Secret

“But nobody notices, I guess because they’re out at Ruby Tuesdays eating things bigger than their heads.” – James Howard Kunstler

“I’ve seen that the most harmful belief that a person can have is that they’re superior to others.” – Brad Bushman, Professor of Communication and Psychology at Ohio State University



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