JUNE 2016, ISSUE #181

Two birthdays and a funeral brought out the best in everyone this month. We also acquired a greenhouse and some beautiful canna lily plants, participated in a couple of Abundance NC’s events, and enjoyed the first of many fingerling potatoes from the garden.



20160609BobJohnWeedmat  20160624Canna

Bob and John work on the first phase of greenhouse installation in our back yard, an exciting addition to the Sunken Gardens of Moncure. And Camille planted beautiful canna lily perennials for the gift that keeps on giving. For a look at our potato harvest and much more, please check out June Yard and Garden



20160604Bonfire  20160605Burial

Our neighbor Chris, lost his battle with ALS on June 4th and the neighborhood sprang into action to fulfill his wish of one last bonfire. We buried him on the Farewell Trail, not far from Zafer’s grave the next day. For the entire tragically uplifting story, please go to: Chris’ Grand Send-off



20160605CookieBirthdayBench  20160626CarlsBenchJasonDoug

The neighbors collaborated to make Cookie’s dream of a bench for her favorite spot in the woods come true. This hand-made super sturdy cedar bench now rests on a promontory beside a majestic beech named Carl. Thank you Jason and Doug for installing!



20160606VisioningWrapUp  20160622AwardsPartyHannah

We are very fortunate to have a robust nonprofit in our midst that champions community resilience. This month they held a world cafe visioning to gather thoughts about how best to promote community and celelbrated their 10th anniversary. See how we got involved at Abundance Visioning and Awards Making



20160609BirthdayParty  20160609BirthdayHarukaJaniceCamilleZoila

Camille celebrated her 62nd birthday on the back porch with our neighbors Doug, Buffy, Lyle, Tami, Haruka, Jason, Janice, and Zoila.



20160609BirthdayCake  20160609CamilleBirthdayCake

We all know by now it isn’t a birthday without cake and ice cream. Candles are optional but Camille made a show of blowing them out anyhow.



20160609SpotJohn  20160609SpotGinaKaren

Spot met Piedmont Biofuels’ fabulous intern John, shown earlier helping install our greenhouse and Alisa’s sister Gina and their mother Karen, here to see Alisa and family through Chris’s transition.



20160612CharlotteFawn  20160612Fawn

Walking to work from the auto shop one morning, Camille spied a precious fawn in the shrubbery.  She and Charlotte walked back for a look and Charlotte nearly walked right by the cleverly hidden baby. We were impressed with the behavior, despite being seen an hour before, the spotted fawn had not moved an inch and never flinched under our prying gaze. We resisted the urge to touch the fawn but in hindsight this would have been a good thing as it would have alerted the mother humans had found her baby and she would move the fawn to a safer place. If we had touched the fawn and found it still there the next day we could assume the mother had come to harm and this baby was in need of rescue. More onwhat to do with orphan fawns at FawnCare.com



20160616KFLesson  IMG_2041

KFT for dinner, watermelon for breakfast. Camille shows John the tricks to perfect Kentucky Fried Tofu. He went home and made it without any problem.



20160620CamilleAlisaTami  20160620JasonBobRichardMia

We are ever grateful for the resilence of our dear friends Alisa and Tami, who despite unimaginable grief,  continue embarcing their community by throwing parties which bring us all together. The full moon coincided with the summer solstice June 20th and since Alisa’s birthday was the next day, she threw a bonfire solstice party. More fun photos on Alisa’s Full Moon Solstice Birthday Party



“Sane dying is a village-making event: lots of people with plenty to do, the whole production endorsing life.” – Stephen Jenkinson

“In the funeral home we put rouge on death. Even in the casket we deny our transiency.” – Stephen Levine

“When there is a great disappointment, we don’t know if that’s the end of the story. It may just be the beginning of a great adventure” – Pema Chodron

“I have seen even those who have long since abjured God die in grace…Atheists don’t use their dying to bargain for a better seat at the table; indeed they may not even believe supper is being served. They are not storing up “merit”; they just smile because their heart is ripe. They are kind for no particular reason; they just love.” – Stephen Levine



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