Chris’s 50th Birthday Party

Anky throws a surprise birthday party at City Kitchen for her husband, Chris on October 21, 2017




Family and food, the basics. Oh, and libations. The guests arrived well in advance, and when Anky walked in with her unsuspecting husband, Chris, we leaped out yelling “Surprise!”, as is the custom at a surprise party. Bob, Chris’s mother, Carolyn, and Anky share a moment over drinks. Anky made sure there was plenty of finger food and pizza, which the restaurant staff continued to replenish throughout the evening.




Chris confessed he really had no idea, and we enjoyed a good time with a great group of people. The only ones missing were Jason and Haruka, our former next-door neighbors who have been traveling the world since January. It was Chris and Anky, their longtime friends, who brought them to Pittsboro, and our friendship with Jason and Haruka, which stitched us into Chris and Anky’s circle of friends.




As if one surprise weren’t enough, Anky pre-arranged to Skype in Jason and Haruka from Morocco!


It was obvious how close Jason and Haruka are to Chris’s family, and many of us had moist eyes over their virtual reunion.




After the family was reasonably sated, Bob swept the screen around the room so that Jason and Haruka could say hello to their other friends.




The tender moment over, the children resumed their boisterous play.


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