Collegeville Football

In which Camille and her good friend, Pamela go to a college football game – September 9, 2017




Pam and Camille find humor in a syphilis poster inside the school. St. John’s University is noted for its melodious bell tower, a modern structure with ageless big-bell appeal that was designed with help from Pam’s father, Duane, a career engineer, and former mayor of St. Anthony Village, MN.




Tailgating is definitely a highlight of the spectator sport experience. Pam’s sister-in-law, Linda, sneeks Roger out of the truck for a short (fobidden) walk. Pam and her mother, Shirley, pause during the unloading process. It’s chilly in the shade, but everyone knows it will be hot in the stands come game time.




The girls go for a walk in the beautiful woods on campus, leaving poor Roger in the truck. Campus rules prohibit dogs on campus, in an effort to protect the wildlife. St. John’s is very proud of their wild woodsy campus experience. Shirley reaches out to pat the head of a stone dog at the base of the St. Kateri Tekakwitha (Lily of the Mohawks) statue, noting with irony, an exception to the no dog mandate.




Now it was warming up! With full bellies (Pam’s brother Scott had even fired up the grill and treated Pam and Camille to delicious veggie burgers) we leave the parking lot and walk down to the stadium. Pamela points towards Matthew, one of the Saint John’s Johnnies in red and white.




The field is a whirl of activity. Matthew, wearing the number 4 jersey, watches from the sidelines, smiling and unhelmeted.




Quarterback Matthew takes to the field, and his family cheers from the stands. That’s Matthew’s sister Katie sitting next to her Aunt Pamela. Behind them is Grandpa and Grandma Duane and Shirley, then Pam’s brother, Scott, and his brother-in-law, Bill. Confused yet?




Our celebratory mood is demolished in one heart-stopping moment, when Matthew is injured on the field. We later learn his collar bone is in three pieces. The X-ray looks like a train wreck. How he manages to walk to the golf cart is beyond us!


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