Up at the Lake

Pamela and her parents whisk Camille off to northern Minnesota for a weekend at her family’s lake house – September 9-11, 2017




After a hard-hitting football game (see Collegeville Football), and an interminable drive, Pam and family reach Scott and Linda’s lake house. Camille (she’s the one with the pea-sized head) and Pamela take to the water in the paddle boat. Her parents relax on the catamaran, while Mother Nature, perhaps sensing a need for something magical, soothes us with a magnificent sunset. (photos by Scott)




First two up, Camille and Shirley share the dawn of a new day. (photo by Pam) The paddle boat shines in the sun, beaming triumphantly, and perhaps gloating a bit over what it did to Camille’s shins the evening before.




Pamela and her mom stand outside what Scott and Linda insist is only a cabin. Inside, Roger has his very own couch, and knows how to use it. We are eating well up here, too. Linda made delicious black bean soup and fresh salsa, and we have Shirley’s raisin bread, leftover potato and rainbow-kale salads, and Camille’s curry.




Pam and her brother work together to launch the kayak, and he steadies it while she climbs in. Watching their seamless cooperation made Camille pine for her other half, 1300 miles away. True, Bob was easily accessed (cell phone, speed dial #7), but moments like these make the distance a reality.




This woman is happiest when tucked into a kayak. Remember that time we spent with her in Alaska? She took us kayaking in Glacier Bay nearly every day. Here’s a link:  Walking on the Wild Side – 2005




Scott has drive and ambition, (he and Linda own and operate Vertical Spice), and a couple of nice boats to tool around on the lake with. While we were visiting, he and Linda moved their speed boat off the lake into dry storage. Winter is coming.




Scott and Linda piled us into their catamaran for a Sunday Drive around the lake, pointing out landmarks such as one of the original lake shore structures, beautifully restored.




Pam and Camille have been corresponding weekly, if not daily, since Bob and Camille moved from Maui in 2004. They refer to themselves as two peas in a pod. This trip was long overdue and balm for both friends. (photo by Scott)

Pam has often noted the similarities between Camille and her mother, Shirley. Turns out, she is right!




You know what they say – if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes. We went from sunny, to wet and chilly on our second lap around the lake. Camille lays back in the sun during the first phase of the trip. (photo by Pam) Camille, Pam, Duane, Shirley, and Linda huddle for warmth in the cool and damp part of the ride. (photo by Scott)

By the way, it’s no accident we are wearing so much red. The Saint John’s Johnnies team colors are red and white. See photos of a most memorable game at: Collegeville Football.


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