MARCH 2018, ISSUE #202

This month we plant seeds to put under lights in the back room, visit Camille’s family in Pennsylvania, host the first stop of the annual trail crawl, explore Hemlock Bluffs, and set back to watch the pears and red buds put on their show.




A hopeful endeavor that signals a season of garden abundance ahead. Bob and Camille plant a wide variety of peppers, sun gold cherry tomatoes, husk cherries, lettuce, carnations, and lavender.




Lavender seeds are tiny and take two weeks to germinate. Sourdough starter takes two feedings and 24 hours before it is strong enough to rise a loaf of bread. Slow food is an act of faith, and measurably more rewarding than picking up something at the deli.




Camille’s mother is in a nursing home after a second bout of pneumonia sent her to hospital. We decide to pay her a visit, staying in the turret room at Shippen Place as per usual. We bring a dozen copies of Mom’s memoir, Honey Sandwiches, that she signs as gifts to the nursing home staff.




Brandon and family, and Uncle James join us at John and Darla’s for salad and pizza.


Uncle James, Bethany, Brandon, and Joanna.


The sibs, Jamie, Johnny, and Cookie. John, Darla, and Jacob.
John and Darla have been married for 42 years, our families knitted together since Darla was sixteen. She and John raised three children to adulthood, and now have ten grandchildren, four of which belong to Brandon and Joanna.




Ben and Micah, James and John. Four peas in two pods.




After dinner the kids retire to the living room for some big screen entertainment.




Best day of the year! What can beat walking, talking, eating and drinking with friends? First stop, our house. For the rest of the story, please click on: Trail Crawl 2018




Camille and Linda meet at Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve on a chilly morning for a nice, long walk. The bluffs rise above Swift Creek, creating the perfect environment for hemlocks which normally don’t grow around here.


Linda at the trail head. Camille in front of a fine-looking hemlock.




More signs of spring. Red bud and white pear blossoms, and water iris.



Red buds glorious against the blue sky, blossoms sweet and juicy on the tongue.


Iris and peony come to life. Somehow we have made it through another winter, or so we hope.




Once again, Emily has outdone herself with these incredible portraits of her son, Nolan, swinging, laughing, throwing stones into water, and playing with light and color.



“God did not give his only-begotten son for anything in the world but the people in it. Christ very definitely did not come to save the whales.” – Daniel Quinn, Providence

“… millions long for immortality who don’t know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon.” – Susan Ertz

“Not only does God play dice, but… he sometimes throws them where they cannot be seen.” – Stephen Hawking



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