MAY 2018, ISSUE #204

Peonies a-poppin’ and roses, too. A music festival and a birthday party, a car wreck, a trip to the coast, and a newly-paved road into work.




Nearly ten years of home ownership and our perennials are growing stronger every year. More photos with explanatory prose at: Peonies and Roses




Our regional semi-annual music festival is always a blast with great music and parties. See the whole story on this page: Spring Shakori



Rose finally makes it to Trouts Farm to meet our rusty old mascot.




A young man on his way to work slips into dreamland. His car hits our culvert and takes flight.




After taking out one driveway reflector, the shiny blue sedan leaps over the other reflector, lands on the juniper, crushing branches and leaving behind the front bumper, then bounces into Fred and Reda’s yard. The man wakes to find he has landed on prickly pear cactus and fire ants. He thinks, “I’m going to be late for work.”
Unexpected events like this provide opportunities to connect with others. Read about how car wrecks and social isolation cancel each other out on Camille’s blog post: Wake-up Call




It was a work thing, but Bob saw an opportunity for an overnighter at the coast. So he grabbed his wife and whisked her off to the Harborlight Guest House overlooking Bogue Sound.


Beautifully appointed, bright, clean, airy, and inviting.


Our third floor room afforded sweeping views of Bogue Sound and its residents.




Driving in to work is a whole new experience since May 22 when the pavers came and laid down a thick coat of asphalt over the gravel. Camille is currently working out of an off-grid office usually referred to as the Office of the Future. We like to joke that the future will likely resemble the past: hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Read the back story about this cute little space here: New Office Space, August 2009




The office is surrounded by flowers, with two sun gold tomatoes and two ground cherries for friendly grazing. We first tasted ground cherries/husk cherries/husk tomatoes on Maui where they went by the name of Poha. When the papery husks turn from green to yellow, the round berries inside are ripe for eating. Come on by in a couple of weeks and sample their unique flavor.



Amy has a talent for exposing everyday plants for what they are: extraordinary gifts. In Colorado for brother, Steven’s graduation and Mother’s Day, Amy passes the magic of dandelion fluff to her nephew, Nolan.



“Principles invite us to do something about the morass of contradictions in which we funciton morally.” – Susan Sontag

“Real change never takes place from the top on down. It always taes place from the bottom on up. It takes place when ordinary people, by the millions, are prepared to stand up and fight for justice.” – Bernie Sanders

“I believe that anyone who says that sex is overrated just hasn’t done it properly. I believe that anyone who claims to know what’s going on will lie about the little things too. I believe in absolute honesty and sensible social lies. I believe in a woman’s right to choose, a baby’s right to live, that while all human life is sacred there’s nothing wrong with the death penalty if you can trust the legal system implicitly, and that no one but a moron would ever trust the legal system.

“I believe that life is a game, that life is a cruel joke, and that life is what happens when you’re alive and that you might as well lie back and enjoy it.” – Neil Gaiman, American Gods



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