Spot Photos – 2019

Welcome to Trouts Farm’s Hall of Fame!

Spot, our much-photographed milk can zebra, has been relegated to the front porch after several falls threatened to irrevocably bend his beautiful ears. Although he is rusted and his ankles threaten to give out, he still welcomes company with a playful eye roll. We keep an album inside with ten years of Spot portraits, but they also live here in the virtual world for anyone to peruse at any time.

The notion of a Spot Album came to us via Casa Iguana, a diving and fishing resort on Little Corn Island off the coast of Nicaragua that we helped manage in 2005. It was their custom to snap a Polaroid of departing guests in front of a backdrop of sandy Caribbean beach.

The beach at Little Corn Island – June 18, 2005

The only difference between what we did at Casa Iguana and what we do here at Trouts Farm, is that we take the pictures when our guest first arrive, before they take off their shoes and settle inside with their first drink. It is our hope that your first visit is the beginning of many.

So, have a look around and enjoy this archive of who we once were. We hope you find some of your friends in these pages. And, if you haven’t been by in a while, give us a call and stop on by.

At home with our newly-painted yard art – July 8, 2010
















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