A lot of people have figured out how to incorporate exercise into their daily routine. The other day, for instance, I saw a man making copies at the library who had parked his truck a block away at the Post Office.

He got nearly all the way back to his truck before realizing he’d left his ‘master’ on the copy machine. I watched him hurry back to retrieve it. He looked a little embarrassed, but the extra exercise didn’t seem to bother him.

And then there are those who haven’t figured it out.

As I walked past “Curves” this morning, I saw a woman get in her car and drive the block and a half to the Post Office. We arrived there about the same time to check our mail. She jumped out ahead of me and jogged over to the door, pulling the sweat-band off her head with a shake of her hair.

Maybe she was in a hurry. Maybe she didn’t have an extra 70 seconds to walk back to her car. Maybe she just wasn’t thinking about what a perfect time it was for a short walk.

And that’s too bad, because she missed the sound of the birds foraging for their breakfast, the smell of the trees, and the look of early morning sunshine on fluffed up feathers.

By Camille

Camille Armantrout lives with her soulmate, Bob, in the back woods of central North Carolina where she hikes, gardens, cooks, and writes.