Christmas Time

On Christmas Eve, time hits a warp and bumps me into unexpected glimpses of Christmas past. Taking out the compost after dinner I’m transported to three years ago when the fence was still open to the farm, a path crunchy with fallen leaves worn between our house and Haruka and Jason’s. I squint into […]

High Water Apocalypse

We had strung tarps beneath the sweet gums and were living on canned food and wild mushrooms. What with the hurricane rains, the woods were lousy with them. The kids seemed fine with the arrangement, old enough to understand why we’d abandoned the comforts of our thirty-year-old manufactured home, yet still young enough to turn […]


“It’s not them, it’s us,” Bob said, stepping from the shower on October 20, 2004. “We need to leave.” We had been living on Maui for four years. George W. Bush was up for reelection. 9/11 had happened, the administration had cooked up the whole “weapons of mass destruction” fiasco, and Bush had ordered the […]

Wake-up Call

The day before Mother’s Day, I’m dreaming the usual stuff, probably trying to set a table for twenty with five water glasses, or squeezing underneath a car in the parking garage, or maybe stepping from a floating dock to a boat bound for Belize, when two big thuds that don’t fit into the dream bring […]

June 4, 2024

I’ve been mired in dread since last Friday, so I thought it would benefit me to dream a little. Let’s fast forward to my seventieth birthday.

“Happy Birthday!” my friends cry gleefully as I manage to gather the corners of my lips into an “Oh” and extinguish the candles on my vegan death-by-chocolate layer cake.


The Not-So-Grim Reaper

Chris scoping out the Farewell Trail

I woke to Bob’s honeyed voice saying “Happy Birthday, dear.” It was Saturday, June 4th. We got out of bed, I put some water on to boil, and opened my card. It said “Dream Big” with a little girl on a rocking horse casting a giant shadow […]

Alone in the Woods

Dear Nana,

I dreamed about my girlfriend Ruthann last night and that made me think of you. Plus, I can’t think of a blog topic, so I decided to write you instead.

Ruthann passed away the week before Thanksgiving. I woke up thinking, “I need to email Ruthie” and then I remembered. That’s when I […]

Book of Dreams

My friend Linda gave me a beautiful little notebook she brought all the way from Paris. I decided to use it for capturing my dreams and this exercise has led to a wonderful discovery. I am now quite sure that most of what I dream pulls directly from real life experiences.

Most every morning for […]

War Drums

Jesse and his mother “Freckles” 28 years ago

I woke to the sound of war drums from a lovely dream about Jesse the Wonder Horse and a precocious young foal. Their relationship was exactly what you would expect between an elder and a youngster. The two were tethered by one long rope to […]


Last night I dreamed that Obama came to our neck of the woods. He was seated at a row of tables with a lot of other notables in a large room. Across the room was another row of tables behind which people from around were seated.

I was walking around the room, chit chatting […]