Animals Garden

Season of Hope – the spring interplay of flora and fauna

Spring fuels the delusion that you can live in harmony without impacting anyone else, but the birds know better.


Driverless Van

I shouldn’t have left the keys in the ignition, but that’s what happened and all the sorry in the world wasn’t going to fix my problem.

Closet of Anxieties Our Life Travel

Exposed – look away and you may not find everything as you left it

In his absence, Bob’s world was unalterably changed—torn up and rearranged.

Cookie's Bliss Walkaholic

Where Two Rivers Meet

Kersten is delighted by how quickly we arrive at the trailhead, and after two dashes back to the car—Kersten to shed her sweater and I to retrieve my hair tie—we launch our Thursday morning adventure.

Closet of Anxieties Our Life Walkaholic

The Moncure Hum – chasing a phantom sound

At first, I only hear it when I get up to pee at night, and it seems to come from the exhaust vent.