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Taking it for Granted


We went 20 days without significant time off.

In terms of “Learning Curve”, we figured it was like a sprint up a rope……

…or sipping from a fire hose.

Grant, a Civil War buff, certainly knows that a crucial battle lost (or won!) can turn the tide of a war. (BTW, I’ve learned that Tallahassee (his hometown) was the only southern capital not taken by the Union army.)

So we were “Granted” the last two nights off and they were just the ticket. A little writing, a little relaxing, a little reading, what more could we need?

Well, a little Eddie Izzard was also a good thing.

Then today, we went for a snorkel, out in front of Iguana. (We had only been in the water for about 7 minutes prior to today.)

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