Environment Nicaragua


One of the things we like about Little Corn Island is the fact that we don’t have many institutions here. We don’t have a hospital, a bank, elected officials, or a police force. When a decision needs to be made, the business owners get together and make it.

We have a school, a doctor, and a pharmacy. If someone needs hospital care, they take the panga to Big Corn and then a small plane to Bluefields. When we are in need of law enforcement, the local businessmen ask for some police officers.

In response to several incidents, the police have been making their presence known on the island. They have begun making rounds and routinely show up at the Casa Iguana gate for cold Cokes and ice water.

Now, this is the part I love: when the police arrest someone, they put them on a boat and take them off the island. How cool is that? And if those people return, they get hauled off again! In fact, one person in particular has been removed at least three times since the beginning of the year.

In addition to removing some of the human trash, a beach clean up was organized and completed today. Thirty island citizens swept the beach, picking up plastic and raking seaweed for as far as we could see from Casa Iguana. They removed the plastic garbage first, burying it in holes every 40 feet or so. They then raked all the seaweed into a long berm at the water’s edge. This effort was conducted with the help of Mr. Winnie and Mr. Rory, two of the islands main businessmen.


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