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Afternoon Buzz

An after-dinner stroll

Camille has put a lot of work, love, and intention into this garden next to our front door. It is now mostly pollinator friendly perennials – Sweet William, Miniature Dahlias, Echinaceas, Butterfly Weed, Milkweed, Gladiolus, Purple Tradescantia, and some remnant Mondo Grass.

We wandered out after dinner to have a look at what was happening in our little slice of the world.

A wheel bug nymph and carpenter bee checking each other out.

Echinaceas are great! So many colors, so dependable on their spring return. Each one is like a firework caught in time.

Retirement is great! I highly recommend it. Unless you’re a bee.

2 replies on “Afternoon Buzz”

Isn’t nature great? If more people just slowed down to take a closer look, they might be more relaxed. Take into consideration the tiny bugs that feed off of these flowers and how it all makes the world go ’round. I’m glad you two are like that xx

I agree!
Retirement is the best career move I ever made!
I’m glad you are enjoying it…

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