Family Unsung Heros

My Big Brother Johnny

My brother John shows his greatness in small ways. Often it’s the unkind word that fails to leave his lips. His patience with our aging parents is immeasurable. Ninety and eighty-four, they cling stubbornly to their illusion of independence. If not for John’s tireless support they would be paying for assisted care. Dad lives with […]

Unsung Heros

Resilience Diva Tami Schwerin – Getting it done by making it fun

Few people are as good at their jobs as Tami Schwerin. The dynamic executive director of a small North Carolina-based nonprofit, she moves through her day like silk across polished oak. Her ready smile and signature girl-next-door charm exude a level of calm which belies the magnitude of her accomplishments. In the twelve years since […]

The USA Unsung Heros

Postmistress Josie – Nature’s way of telling you to slow down

I imagine every small town has their Josie, the woman (or man) who benevolently staffs the window at the post office, who recognizes everyone with unreserved kindness. Josie never hurries. Her speech syrupy, she savors each and every vowel. Thirty-five years ago my economics teacher shocked the class by observing that “Death is nature’s way […]