Cookie's Bliss


This was one of those days that stretched way out ahead of me like an endless sheet of clean paper. I sat at my desk and tidied all of those little loose ends that come to haunt me in the dead of night. I made lists. I tried to find things. I cleaned house.

When I got tired of writing and surfing the web, I walked the long way around to the mailbox. Lucy, Jessi and Ian’s dog, came along for company. I’d never gone this route, so I watched Lucy and sure enough, she showed me the way.

But when the sun started going down, the predictable happened. Without Bob in the house, it suddenly seemed like a barren, lonely place. And then my mother called to while away a half hour with idle talk and that helped. I got to cooking and that helped pass the time as well.

Bob just called to say he’s on his way. There’s hot food on the stove and he’s hungry. What a perfect way to end a perfect day!

By Camille Armantrout

Camille lives with her soul mate Bob in the back woods of central North Carolina where she hikes, gardens, cooks, and writes.

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