Our Life

Eighteen Years

Wedding AnnouncementBob and I threw in together twenty years ago and formalized the agreement on July 31st, 1994. On that day we vowed to share our joys and sorrows forever and today we signed up for another eighteen years. We love each other deeply and this is plain for all to see.

It’s been a wild ride. In fact, I often refer to my relationship with Bob Armantrout as Trouts Wild Ride. Over the past twenty years, we’ve moved sixteen times, bought two homes, lived and worked in five countries and one U.S. Territory across three continents and the North Pacific.

We’ve weathered frightening storms, enjoyed spectacular sights, survived the hospitality business, experienced intense passion, lived incredibly diverse lifestyles, helped raise three beautiful children, grew great food, read a lot, took a lot of pictures, wrote a lot about them, composted our poo, collected sky juice, explored that nature thing, cooked indescribably delicious meals and made many, many friends. We became best friends and learned quickly that we would die for one another.

Against all odds, we celebrate this particular anniversary in at our new home in Kumasi, Ghana. Although we thought it would be a fine idea to return to the country of Bob’s childhood, it seemed like a pipe dream until three months ago. Move number sixteen.

We’re in the thick of it. I walk dirt roads with a backpack in search of onions for dinner with a smile on my face. Bob chops the lawn with his sharp machete. Can’t wait to see what the next eighteen years brings. And beyond.

By Camille Armantrout

Camille lives with her soul mate Bob in the back woods of central North Carolina where she hikes, gardens, cooks, and writes.