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Two Week Increments

Two Week IncrementsWe’re living life in two week increments these days. Two weeks doing this, two weeks doing that. Two weeks at home, two weeks away and repeat.

Last month I spent a week up in the Shenandoah with Stephanie and returned home for two weeks where I immersed myself in life at The Plant, getting caught up and preparing for another trip.

Now we’re in Maryland at the beginning of our annual family vacation staying with our friend Ned, a perfect host and great friend. Last night we dined in DC with Ned, Frankie and Jessica and this morning we’re preparing for a long walk on a stellar day. Yesterday we strolled down to the Potomac to gawk at the high water threatening to cover the walking path.

We’ll pick up brother/father Joe at Dulles this evening and tomorrow we’ll drive north to dine with our New Jersey cousins. Then the three of us will visit friends in New York City and head out to Pennsylvania to see Mom, the other brothers, their kids and grand kids. A little road trip with one of our favorite pals!

After Memorial Day we’re coming home for my 60th birthday celebration (thanks, Haruka!) and get caught up again before flying to Europe for two weeks. Europe?! you say. Yep, we’re headed to Milan for Bob’s High School Reunion at TASIS across the border in Lugano, Switzerland. After the reunion we’ll travel all the way down Italy to Sicily. Just call us the world travelers.

This will be the first time Bob has been to see his old High School in about 40 years and it will be my first time ever in both Switzerland and Italy. Since two of my great grandparents are Sicilian, Bob is making sure I get all the way to that storied island.

Indeed, May and June are exciting months for us and we are looking forward to all of it. But once it’s all over and we settle down into the stultifying heat of a North Carolinian Summer, I’m sure our neighbors will be able hear long sighs of relief from across the yards and woods.

By Camille Armantrout

Camille lives with her soul mate Bob in the back woods of central North Carolina where she hikes, gardens, cooks, and writes.

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