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Road to Cayo – Belize Diary, January 25

A leisurely drive north to Cayo for another five nights in Belize.

Southern Highway

On our fifth day in Belize, we drove north again towards the Western Highway. We would stay another five nights up in Cayo close to where we lived twenty-five years ago.

Hummingbird Highway

If we were to move back to Belize—and I assure you, we are not—we would consider somewhere along the lush corridor along the  Hummingbird Highway.

Road cut

It appeared that the road had been recently improved in places with carved cuts and guard rails.

White hawk (Pseudastur albicollis)

A large White hawk flew, settled, then turned as if making sure we had seen it.

Royal palms

Nothing says money better than a row of royal palms.

Emily at the Art Box in 1997
Art Box 2023

We have fond memories of Belmopan’s Art Box. Bob would often take the girls there for lunch when they accompanied him on his errands. They, of course, called it the Fart Box. My how it has grown since the ’90s!

Bob on the artsy stairway
Latch inside a bathroom stall

The entire building was a work of art, filled with affordable treasures, and furniture on the second floor.

Mango and coffee ice cream
Camille and Yvette comparing notes

They don’t serve lunch anymore, so we settled for ice cream. We met a woman named Yvette and she said her favorite Art Box ice cream flavors were Mango and Coffee, so we got one of each.

Naturally, we talked about people we knew and it occurred to Bob to ask about Gloria at BCSL. “Yes, I believe she is still there,” said Yvette.

Camille, Gloria, and Bob

And sure enough, she was, and she remembered us from so long ago. Gloria would patch in our telephone calls via radio phone, so her voice had been our main connection with the outside world.

Nothing had changed about the little house where BCSL headquarters, but Gloria will soon be starting work on a new facility.

Western Highway, a different kind of picturesque

We turned west towards Cayo after leaving Belmopan, my heart beating harder with every mile.

Chiquibul Road
Amish cart horse laboring up the Chiquibul Road

The Chiquibul road was vastly improved with signage, paving, and safety reflectors and we did not miss the old road one bit. The eight miles to Mountain Equestrian trails used to take forty minutes, depending on the weather, the mud, and how recently it had been graded.

Road dogs at intersection of Chiquibul Road and San Antonio Road.

Next stop: Mariposa Jungle Lodge. Stay tuned.

By Camille Armantrout

Camille lives with her soul mate Bob in the back woods of central North Carolina where she hikes, gardens, cooks, and writes.

8 replies on “Road to Cayo – Belize Diary, January 25”

That Art Box place looked neat, I’ve never seen or heard of it. I meant to ask how you got on with the heat? You guys didn’t seem too sweaty! lol

It never got too hot, temperatures in the ’80s and a few cool evenings where I wore long sleeves to dinner. I read in my journal from 25 years ago about a string of days in the 100s, about how we were slick with sweat all day whether we moved or stayed still.

It looks like you had quite a wonderful journey. Are you glad to get back home will you be going back again and thank you so much for including us in your journey.

You are welcome, Fred! I was happy to reach home, but hope to return. Belize is dripping with magic—like Taos if it were a chia pet.

We did not go to Pook’s Hill. Never heard of it, although it’s only half an hour from Belmopan. How do you know about Pook’s Hill? Have you been there?

HI Camille & Bob! Just found that little piece of paper with your address on it and happy to have found your site. Will be sure to review a few of your entries. Enjoyed the brief meeting. Cheers!

Hi Yvette! Thanks for engaging with us at the Art Box. You were the perfect reminder of why we love Belize. It’s the people! You were just one example of the many kind and outgoing people we met while in country: comfortable with themselves, happy to interact, and so easy to like. People do not connect so easily in other parts of the world.

Bob picked up some mango ice cream the other day and we both thought of you. We hope your charity work is going well. You are a person made for giving!

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