On Winter Our Life

Wintering In Sweetwater

Knowing we can get into hot water any time we please certainly takes the bite out of cold weather.

Animals On Winter

Rats on Acid – winter provisioning among the squirrel community

Exploring the inequities of life while congratulating ourselves on our good fortune.

Closet of Anxieties Cookie's Bliss On Winter

Spring Dingo – a post-solstice poem

A few warm days, and spring is nipping at my heels.

Dreaming On Winter

Hello Up There

I wake in the bottom of an abyss, filtered blue light licking at the edges of the ice cliffs above.

Food Garden Life and Death On Winter Thanks Giving

The Last Persimmon – what fruit trees can tell us about the circle of life

It seems to her that humans have only one spring, one summer, one fall, and if they’re lucky — or not, depending on your perspective — one winter.