Community Environment

The Fort

I ran into Noah and Demetrius in the woods last weekend, both wearing knit hats on a 72-degree day and digging like badgers in their new fort. They were in perfect sync, the hats a badge of solidarity. I had been out walking our annual Trail Crawl route with Jay and Giovanna when we reached […]


Lawns and Hay Fields

If the photo on the left troubles you and the one on the right makes you happy, you are like me. I find large expanses of lawn depressing. What a waste, I think. All those hours of mowing, and for what? Hay fields, on the other hand are full of pastoral promise. They evoke images of thriving farms and […]

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50 Million Casualties – Bird Flu Comes a Calling

As if we needed one more reason to boycott factory-farmed animal products, here comes another horror story. It all started earlier this year when the Department of Agriculture began issuing warnings to the poultry industry. H5N2 was knocking wild birds out of the sky, birds sick with highly pathogenic avian influenza. Within a few months, […]

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In Our Backyard

We grow food in our back yard. The Sunken Gardens of Moncure is the name we gave to the old swimming pool Lyle filled in with dirt in 2009 and that Bob fenced in the following year. We have a compost pile, wood pile, fruit trees, two cars, one run on biodiesel, and a few […]

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February Rainbows

These past few days were bubbling over with social stimulation of the very best kind. Thanks to Tami and The Abundance Foundation, Bob and I found ourselves involved in a series of activities designed to get our activist juices flowing. On Wednesday we joined Tami, Lyle and four guests for dinner at their kitchen table. […]