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Seven Decades – lessons learned

I’ve learned a few tricks in the seven decades since my emergence on June 4th, 1954. Here’s the short list.

Garden Happiness Observations

Spring Renewal and the Joy of Rewarded Patience

Gardening, like friendships and, frankly, life, is all about the Long Game.

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Ghosts On Our Bedroom Wall

The pictures on our bedroom wall each contain at least one memory—a captured spirit or ghost, if you will.

Environment Observations The Virus

Life in the Time

After the virus, people referred to pre-Covidian culture as “Life in the Time of Toilet Paper.” Seriously, back then, humans cut down trees to wipe their butts. The lungs of our planet! Homo Sapiens built enormous homes and blew up mountains for minerals to heat them with. They covered their food in plastic, and the […]

Observations Our Life

Waiting for the Rain

The air is soft and sweet, ringing with what all my life I thought were insects, but which Bob tells me after consulting the internets, are invisible frogs. I sit in my rocker on the back porch Astroturf, the wooden seat softened by a paisley thrift store cushion, bare feet resting on another cheap chair, […]