Questions and a Few Answers

Ahowdo Roundabout
The rearing horse in the center of the Ahowdo Roundabout

So many questions and a few answers!

Who put the ho in Ahodwo? – No Idea
Why do I hear chain saws at night?
How come the Muslims broadcast their prayers at random times of the day and night?
Answer from Todd Miller in Cairo:
Broadcasting is the call to prayer, sermons are usually only broadcast at the Friday noon prayer (at least in Cairo). It seems random, but it most assuredly is not; God ordains it all.  Alhamdilullah.  (or as the Ewe say, Mawu E Lolo). There are five prayers (Salah) a day:

  • one before dawn (Fajr)
  • one after dusk (Isha)
  • and three in between:
  • noon (Zuhur)
  • mid-afternoon (Asr)
  • sunset (Maghrib)

Who are the rich folk across the street with their servants and cars?
Are our neighbors really living in that shanty ruin next door?
What do they eat?
Where can I get sesame oil?
How many gallons of reserve water does our roof tank hold? – About 250
How many bubbles do I need to see float to the top of our 5-gallon drinking water jub before my glass is full? – Three
Why does the drinking water we bought last week taste salty? – Because it came from Accra where they desalinate salt water
Why don’t our shower tubs have anything to hang a shower curtain on?
What will I use to clean up the puddle around the tub?
Why does our house echo like a dungeon?  – It’s made of concrete
How fast will this coming year pass? – In the blink of an eye…

As an addendum, here’s an example of the Muslim prayer schedule which I found online here:

By Camille Armantrout

Camille lives with her soul mate Bob in the back woods of central North Carolina where she hikes, gardens, cooks, and writes.

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