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Counting our Lucky Stars

Where were you on July 23rd, 2012? On that day, the sun burped (or farted) a massive belch of magnetized plazma right through our planet’s commute path. Wherever you were, you might still be there had the storm occurred a week earlier. Here’s the technical low down from NASA’s Science News: Near Miss: The Solar […]

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Not in Ghana

Sometimes I wake up and think for a moment I’m still in Kumasi but that notion vanishes as soon as I begin listening to the sounds of the pre-dawn day. You know you’re not in Ghana anymore when: The first pre-dawn sounds are tires on asphalt, not half a dozen roosters Its freezing outside and […]

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The Best Day Ever

I learned an essential life skill from BJ. She didn’t set out to teach me anything, I just learned from being around her. Nearly thirty-five years my junior and she had a handle on something I had yet to master. BJ taught me how to turn any ordinary day, heck, even the worst day into […]


Leaving Kumasi – An Exit Interview

Q. So, how does it feel to be leaving Kumasi? A. It feels like the end of a play I’ve been acting in, like curtains drawing closed across dirt stage littered in plastic, slowly pinching off the sound of the roosters, taxis, chain saws, crows, bulbuls and Muslims. It feels like a sigh of relief. […]

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Who Would Jesus Diss?

Last week I found myself trapped in a conversation with a young Ghanaian who wanted to know if I had accepted Jesus into my life. This sort of thing happens frequently in Kumasi and as always, I have to decide whether to engage or walk away. Religion is not the taboo conversational topic here that […]