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The Nearby Hinterlands: remnant of the America Dream

The American Dream is alive and well just around the corner, a short walk from Trouts Farm.

Cookie's Bliss Food Happiness Walkaholic

Day 138: Forest Bathing

Happy Saturday! Bob and I are into our fourth month of social distancing. During the week he holes up in his office while I play the entitled retired housewife. I don’t identify as an extrovert, but social isolation is wearing me down. Most days I keep myself too busy to notice, but on some days […]

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“Nostalgia is a funny thing,” I said, looking at the flowers I’d forgotten to give to my friend, Ann, “Kind of like these limp roses.” We were standing on a weathered pier, looking out at the grey water of York River, trying to conjure up a connection with this place we had so often visited […]

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Barbecue Sauce and the US Army Corps of Engineers

With spider season in full swing my new favorite place to walk is Jordan Lake Dam. The trails behind our house are off limits as far as I’m concerned. Even if I swing a stick in front of me, I end up with spiders in my hair and webbing on my arms and legs. So […]

Kumasi Walkaholic

Ghana Reset

It’s no mystery that I’m beyond the honeymoon phase with Kumasi. Two of my latest three posts highlight my lack of patience for the gritty street life in my neighborhood. The dust, smoke, blowing garbage, stench, cat calls, begging, and honking – all have lost their charm. And yet, I refuse to stop walking. After […]