Happiness Recurring Epiphanies

Fairy Tale – in memory of Mr. Rogers

Once upon a time, there was an imperfect family which—like millions of other imperfect families—produced an imperfect child.

Cookie's Bliss Horses Recurring Epiphanies

Horse Shopping – wish fulfillment in a sea of horseflesh

How intention and persistence eventually win the day.

Life and Death Recurring Epiphanies Walkaholic

Stream of Consciousness

Sometimes a little walk is all you need to tug your world back into focus.

Community Cookie's Bliss Happiness Recurring Epiphanies Walkaholic

My Friend Carl

I wrote this post in 2016 and Sheri McGregor put it in an anthology, a kind of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” for nature freaks. The essay would belong to Sowing Creek Press for a year following publication after which I could do anything I wanted with it, such as post it here on Plastic […]

Family Recurring Epiphanies

Note to Self – A Conversation with My Twenty-year-old Self

I turned sixty-six last week and thought, “With what I know now, I wish I’d been there for my twenty-year-old self.” Could I go back in time, I imagine our conversation would go something like this: (Twenty-year-old me) So, you’re me in 46 years, eh? (Sixty-six-year-old me) Yep I can almost see me in you. […]