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Belize 1997 – our first escape from the American Dream

How we escaped the American Dream and moved to Belize twenty-five years ago.

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Fairy Tale – in memory of Mr. Rogers

Once upon a time, there was an imperfect family which—like millions of other imperfect families—produced an imperfect child.

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We hear the outside world from inside our mothers’ wombs, while sleeping, and after all other senses have lost their grip, we hear from our deathbeds.

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Ghosts On Our Bedroom Wall

The pictures on our bedroom wall each contain at least one memory—a captured spirit or ghost, if you will.

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My Friend Carl

I wrote this post in 2016 and Sheri McGregor put it in an anthology, a kind of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” for nature freaks. The essay would belong to Sowing Creek Press for a year following publication after which I could do anything I wanted with it, such as post it here on Plastic […]