Zombie Apocalypse

Like a post-apocalyptic zombie, the community that once was Oilseed continues to limp along in a deathlike state. Outrageous tales of unresolved conflict and violations of trust make their way down the road with disturbing regularity, often accompanied by tears. It pains us to watch. We try to help by giving advice and offering to […]

Community Oilseed

Death of Oilseed

This may be the last time I write about Oilseed Community. For years we thought Oilseed would die when the bulldozers came but that isn’t what happened. In 2001, when the original lease was negotiated, it opened up much-needed affordable housing and provided a revenue stream to support the broader community we call the Bubble. […]

Our Life

“Oilseed” becomes “Haybale”, or…

…”Hayseed”. There I said it. Many of us “Oilseeders”  have been musing lately about the past (and future) of Oilseed Community. The original order with the cosmic waiter, as I understand it, was for our small community of three houses to demonstrate the feasibility of growing an oilseed crop as an accoutrement to country living […]

On Winter


I never actually expect winter to happen. After living in the tropics for eight years, I kind of got out of the habit. I’ve heard people say that we don’t really have winter in the south, but that’s not my reality. I know that North Carolina is considered part of “The South” but it feels […]

Cookie's Bliss


I can’t explain what fascinates me about hay bales in a freshly mown field, but every time I come across this bucolic scene, I have to stop and drink it in. Bob suspects it’s the connection between hay and horses that captivates me. Naturally, I was delighted when a crew moved in to mow and […]