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The Almighty We – Proximity

I learned something about community from the dogs in Nicaragua. Thirteen years ago, Bob and I found ourselves managing a vacation lodge on a 3200-acre Caribbean island without police or doctors. We lived in small house inside a large chain link compound. Six dogs served as security guards. The first time one of the dogs […]

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50 Million Casualties – Bird Flu Comes a Calling

As if we needed one more reason to boycott factory-farmed animal products, here comes another horror story. It all started earlier this year when the Department of Agriculture began issuing warnings to the poultry industry. H5N2 was knocking wild birds out of the sky, birds sick with highly pathogenic avian influenza. Within a few months, […]

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Duck Gleanings

Jason and Haruka are home now but while they were in Dallas for a week, Bob and I took on a few farm chores. Bob minded the flora and I fed the fauna. Each morning he’d head over to the greenhouse and hoop houses and open them up. I went to the house, let their […]