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Potluck Revival

Eating together is the most powerful way to signal friendship and the easiest way to build community.

Food Travel

Ultra Fresh Food in Costa Rica – February, 2024

In keeping with the the Costa Rican theme of Pura Vida, the food we were served was ultra fresh and wonderful.

Cookie's Bliss Food Garden

Interview With a Gardener – a journalistic self-portrait

Probing my raison d’etre.

Food Garden Life and Death On Winter Thanks Giving

The Last Persimmon – what fruit trees can tell us about the circle of life

It seems to her that humans have only one spring, one summer, one fall, and if they’re lucky — or not, depending on your perspective — one winter.

Family Food

Apples from the Tree of Knowledge

Fun with Dick and Jane followed: a secular version of worldly wisdom with pages splashed in pictures of apple-cheeked children under blue skies. I devoured my lessons, turning them over in my mind before I fell asleep at night, wondering which ones held the key to family harmony.