Happiness Kumasi


I was growing increasingly more impatient as I made my way down the already steaming street to meet a friend at her house. First, it was the young boy who followed me several blocks asking me for money until I turned to him and said with the full force of my irritation, “Go your way!” […]

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Breadfruit and Chestnuts

Bob and I once swore we would never live in a place where breadfruit didn’t grow.  We kept good to this promise for eight years and then re-entered the world of winter.  A place where breadfruit doesn’t grow.  A place where 99% of the population has no idea what breadfruit even is. But, as I […]

Happiness On Winter

Being Good

It’s so hard to be good. One day I get a perfect score with my To Do list while getting a poor grade on my Personal Well Being list, the next day I balance the two to perfection but score poorly on my Self Reliance list by burning too many BTUs of fossil fuel. Some […]


Reining in my Brain – Part II

After I finished writing ” Reining in my Brain – Part I ” I walked next door and asked Haruka if she was experiencing a lack of concentration, a feeling of being out of control or an inability to experience a sense of closure at the end of the day. Her answer was “No.” Her […]

Happiness Observations


I have read more about Katrina than I usually do news stories. It fascinates me. The tragedy has spurred some wonderful writing, among them this from the New York Times: That a corpse lies on Union Street may not shock; in the wake of last week’s hurricane, there are surely hundreds, probably thousands. What is […]