Cookie's Bliss

Bliss Bits

Happiness generally comes in tiny packages, sometimes so tiny that it’s easy to miss if you aren’t paying attention. And because I made a resolution to “Find the joy, lose the beleaguered attitude,” I need to make sure I’m not looking the other way when the bluebird of happiness flies by. One easy way to […]

Poor Little Vegans

Christmas Dinner

Another Vegan meal of twigs and berries. This time, in honor of Christmas and shared with Jason and Haruka: Roasted tofurky and root vegetables, mashed potatoes, golden gravy and the ubiquitous greens. This time of year we eat greens at every meal.


Reining in my Brain – Part II

After I finished writing ” Reining in my Brain – Part I ” I walked next door and asked Haruka if she was experiencing a lack of concentration, a feeling of being out of control or an inability to experience a sense of closure at the end of the day. Her answer was “No.” Her […]