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Homegrown for the Holidays

Not to jump the gun or anything, but we have in our deep freezer the ingredients for my Nana’s dressing, what we used to call “stuffing” because it was stuffed into the turkey and baked with the roast. It features chestnuts, one of the finest foods on the planet. My Polish Nana’s was an exceptional cook […]

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The Gift That Keeps on Giving

My friend Linda of Cook for Good fame drove down from Raleigh last week to give me some 150-year-old sourdough starter. Linda is a food activist, cooking instructor, author, and a cherished friend, so this wasn’t going to be any old starter; this is going to be “The One.” I fed my new starter three times, […]

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The Menu

“What’s a menu?” someone playfully asked after I mentioned our potato-heavy menu. Oh! I thought to myself, It is so, so many things – shopping list, anticipation catalyst, and money-saver. It’s our road map to an inexpensive local food diet. Nothing ever goes to waste,” I like to say prompting Bob to quip, “Only to our waists.” We didn’t always […]

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On Wednesday Eric took me to buy water and run errands after dropping Bob at a meeting at the nearby Guinness plant. Our first order of business was to mail a postcard and letter to the States. Bob said there was a post office near the abattoir on down the road from Guinness so we went […]

Poor Little Vegans


Oh Boy! Bob and I collaborated and pulled off our very first successful falafel, thanks to tips from Angelina of Angelina’s Kitchen in Pittsboro and the aid of a new blender/food processer. We paired it with hummus, tzatziki, cucumbers, tomatoes and piled it into locally baked pita bread. So many ways to prepare beans and […]